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Problems installing Auto-Mate. Installation checklist.

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Last updated: 17 Sep, 2008

If you are experiencing problems installing Auto-Mate, please review this checklist.

1. Auto-Mate requires the .NET runtime 2.0 installed on your computer before installing. Please consult this knowledgebase article: Where do I get the .NET Runtime 2.0?

2. After installing the .NET runtime, run Windows update and make sure you apply all the updates for .NET runtime.

3. Auto-Mate must be installed with an account that has local administrator rights. If you are not sure if this is the case for you, please consult with your network administrator.

4. Outlook must be closed before running the setup program. Sometimes Outlook gets stuck in memory even after you close it. Open the Windows Task Manager, click on the processes tab and look for an entry called OUTLOOK.EXE. If it is present, and you have Outlook closed, it may still be stuck in memory. Select it and click the End Process button.

5. If you are installing on Windows Vista, start the installation by running setup.exe and NOT the MSI installer file directly. Running setup.exe will prompt to continue with elevated privileges. You must click allow for the installation to succeed.

If after you install Auto-Mate and you start Outlook, the Auto-Mate toolbar does not appear, please consult the following article: Auto-Mate Toolbar Disappears.


Article ID: 20
Last updated: 17 Sep, 2008
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