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What are the new features in Auto-Mate v4.0?

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Last updated: 07 Feb, 2010

The new features for Auto-Mate version 4.0 can be summarized as follows:

1. Rule Groups - categorize your rules into groups. You can easily move rules between groups.

2. Filter Messages by Message Type - this feature allows you to filter message by their type, i.e. Mail message, Post, Appointment item, etc...

3. Filter Messages by Account - If you connect to more than one account, you can filter messages by each individual account.

4. Trigger rules when messages are added to any folder - This allows rules to run instantly whenever messages are added to any Outlook folder by any means.

5. Rule Exceptions - You can specify exceptions to your current rules.

6. Automatically compress (zip) file attachments - compress message attachments in place to save storage space.

7. Execute rules once a day at a specific time - you can now specify the exact time of day you want a specific rule to run.

8. Search for rules - find rules by multiple criteria.

9. Add attachments to Reply Templates - this adds the ability to add message attachments to reply templates.

10. Automatically create the destination folder before moving or copying messages - you can effectively reduce the number of rules to configure by setting the rule to automatically create the destination folder using information in the message, i.e. from address, to address, date.

11. Run Rules quickly directly from the toolbar - Easily run specific rules on demand directly from the toolbar.

12. Rule Reports - produce reports on how your rules are configured.

13. Move rules to another mailbox and sync folders with one click - this feature allows you to synchronize your folder settings when you move rules to another message store.

14 Enhanced alerts. A persistent Desktop alert has been added which shows every message the rules act upon and provides quick access to open that message.

15. User interface improvements.

Article ID: 25
Last updated: 07 Feb, 2010
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