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What are the new features in Auto-Mate 5.0?

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Last updated: 11 Sep, 2010
New Features for v5.0
Rule Enhancements
  • Rules can be configured to include sub-folders.
  • A new setting has been added to only process messages that are newer than the last rule execution.
  • Specify whether to match ALL properties (AND) or ANY property (OR) for rule matching criteria. In older versions, it was fixed at matching ALL.
  • The time interval between when messages are received, sent, or a message is moved into a folder is configurable via an option setting.
  • You can make bulk rule updates. This allows you to change settings across multiple rules at once.
  • The forward action allows you to choose a message template to include.
  • Rules can be configured to filter messages between two specified dates.
Rule Types
  • Check if a message does not exist
  • Find duplicates
  • Execute Actions on a schedule
Rule Actions
  • Added replace subject line completely in addition to prefix and append.
  • The Print action has been updated to print attachments.
  • Send a Message
  • Execute an External Program
  • Stop Processing Rules
  • Flag Enhancements. You can set the flag type, the start and due date, and the reminder date.
  • Attachment Enhancements
Rule Properties
  • Match the attachment name
  • Run once daily at a specified time has been expanded to include the specific day or all days.
  • Except if in my Address book
  • Except if in my Safe senders list
  • Except if in my blocked Senders list
Auto-create folder naming additions
  • By Domain Name
  • By Year Quarter
  • By Source Folder Name
Outlook 2010 Support
  • Basic Ribbon Tab support, more to come soon.
User Interface Improvements
  • Resizable window remember their size, position, and lists with columns remember their width.
  • The Rule Manager window is non-blocking and can remain open while performing tasks in Outlook.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
much more...
Article ID: 32
Last updated: 11 Sep, 2010
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