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What are the new features in Auto-Mate v6.0?

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Last updated: 27 Sep, 2011
New Improved User Interface
  • Fluent Ribbon User Interface - easy to use, consistent with the Microsoft Office user interface design.
  • Improved Rule Manager - brand new design with updated filtering and new rule categories for better organization.
  • Improved Searching - toolbar style searching.
  • Office 2007 and 2010 Skins - Choose from nine different skins and custom colors for the application button.
  • Create rules from Message Reading window via Ribbon Interface.
  • Improved rule execution status - dialog with progress bar and cancel button.
  • Other usability features.
Quick Rule Templates
  • Creating common rules is easier than ever! 1-2 clicks - File To Folder, File After Reading, File After Replying, File After Forwarding, Archive Old Mail, Reduce Mailbox Storage, Remove Duplicates, Custom Rule.
  • Auto Select Addresses - automatically fills in addresses based on the current email.
  • Auto-Suggest Destination folder -  the destination folder will be suggested automatically based on your folder naming habits.
Rule Enhancements
  • Support for SharePoint Message Types.
  • Replicate your Outlook folder structure automatically when moving messages to folders.
  • Support for Counters that can be used for rule properties and actions - Use counters to perform very basic logic expressions in your rules, and/or to provide uniqueness in message exporting and attachment file names. 
  • Subject Action Enhancements. Easily modify the Subject of messages with a variety of options. 
  • When detaching messages attachments, Auto-Mate can retain the Outlook attachment icon (paperclip). 
  • Print action can be configured to print attachments only and omit printing the message body. 
  • Import Native Outlook Rules - Import your existing Outlook rules and automatically convert them to Auto-Mate format.
  • Faster rule execution - on receive and on send rules only execute rules that are configured to match addresses from the received (or sent) messages. This eliminates the need to execute all rules when a new message is received (or sent). This new rule execution method significantly reduces the processing time for rules.

For a full list of features click here.

Article ID: 37
Last updated: 27 Sep, 2011
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