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What are the new features for Auto-Mate 7.0?

Article ID: 41
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2013
New Improved User Interface
  • Improved contact user interface
  • Improved Start-up
  • Add Addresses to rules omits your own email address
  • Text hints to help enter required information in the proper format
Rule Enhancements
  • FASTER Rule execution.
  • New action: create Sticky Note on Desktop
  • New action: Run built-in macro
  • New action: Open message
  • Rule Exceptions ANY/ALL addition to Subject, Body, and Message Header
  • Reply/Forward/Send message action can originate from the account you choose
  • New rule condition: Message size (least/most)
  • Rules with folder errors are highlighted so you can quickly correct problems
  • Category tagging action improvements
  • Run entire categories of rules at once
  • Attachment save enhancements
  • Subject action enhancements
  • Rule matching improvements
Rule favorites
  • Save a rule as a favorite and quickly create rules from you favorites with one-click.
  • Set addresses as either static or to dynamic address capture from selected messages.
Rule event statistics
  • Record every action Auto-Mate performs on your messages.
  • Quickly locate where messages have been moved and actions taken
  • Export events to Excel
More features added to the Standard Edition of the product
  • Quickrun rules
  • Message Snooze
  • Reports
  • Rule Event Logging
  • Rule Favorites
  • Automatically checks for updates
  • Automatically highlights folder synchronization errors.
  • Other usability improvements
  • Outlook 2013 32/64 bit support.
Article ID: 41
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2013
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