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How to Easily File Messages by Domain

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Last updated: 05 Feb, 2014

You can easily file messages by sender's domain in Auto-Mate with a single rule. This rule can take advantage of the Auto-Mate feature:

  • Auto Create Folder

Configure your rule as follows:

Start by creating a basic rule to file incoming messages, but do not specify any From addresses.

Then configure a rule action to move to a folder. Select the destination folder.

Now click the button with the small pencil icon to select Folder Naming Options. Check off "Automatically create a new folder below this level, then select "From Domain. You will see a preview of how the folder will appear in your Outlook folder tree.

Click OK and save the rule. The rule will now create folders by domain name on-the-fly as messages are received.


Article ID: 43
Last updated: 05 Feb, 2014
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