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Traylook Add-in For Outlook

In busy office environments, where inter-office email is the primary source of collaboration, keeping up with and tending to the latest email can become very distracting.

Microsoft's standard Outlook features provide notifications of new email by playing a sound and placing an icon in the system tray. Most users create rules to filter incoming email messages and route them to other folders. Most messages usually do not need immediate attention and others do. The problem is that the Outlook's new mail notification sound has already been played, and the notification icon is placed in the system tray. A user then activates the Outlook application to find that the new mail was all routed to specific folders, and there were no messages that needed to be reviewed at that time. Not only is this distracting, but this wastes time.

Traylook can help by providing unobtrusive notifications of your arriving email. Traylook only provides notifications to email messages in folders that you select. You may choose to just monitor your inbox, or you can monitor other specific folders. You can quickly glance at the incoming messages as they scroll by one at a time. The popup window is unobtrusive so you can continue to work in your favorite application. You will know the folders new messages are located in as well as the sender and the subject of the email. Email that has been marked with high importance will be highlighted in red. If you wish to see the details of a particular message, just click on the hyper-linked text and it will open that particular message. You will not have to open Outlook and navigate through your folders to find the message.

See what the Traylook popup notification window looks like here.



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