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General FAQs
document Is it possible to import existing Outlook rules (.rwz files) into Auto-Mate?
Revised 11/10/2011: Auto-Mate 6.0 provides support to import Outlook rules directly into Auto-Mate. Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish...
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document Where are the rules stored?
Windows XP Auto-Mate Standard: C:\Documents and Settings\<youruserid>\Application Data\Pergenex Software\Auto-Mate Std 3.0\auto-mate.db3 ...
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document How to Uninstall Auto-Mate
To Uninstall Auto-Mate, first CLOSE Outlook. Then Open Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs: Then select the entry for Auto-Mate and...
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document How to configure Auto-Mate to send Out-of-Office Replies (without Exchange)
This can be accomplished with Auto-Mate Pro's reply action. Step 1. Set up you reply template: First create a new Out-of-Office reply template: ...
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document I have rules configured in Auto-Mate Standard, and want to transfer them to Auto-Mate Pro.
Follow this procedure: 1. Close Outlook. 2. Uninstall Standard using Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. 3. Install Pro. 4. Start Outlook. There...
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